Pass Validity

Nearly half of those who say they’re registered to vote are not. Instead of asking people if they are, look them up on while they’re signing and know for sure. It’s fast enough to verify several people signing at the same time. Circulators have validated 40 signers per hour, turning in 300 signatures per day at 99% validity on 1 petition.

Try It Now

  1. Go to on your smartphone’s web browser.
  2. Select the state once per session.
  3. Type and select the county only as needed.
  4. Ask the signer’s year of birth (not full birth date) and glance at the petition they’re signing to know their name.
  5. Enter their 2-digit year of birth, last initial and first few letters of their first name.
  6. For LA County only, enter the first two letters of their last name.
  7. Tap on Search.
  8. If the house number they wrote on the petition is not in the list, have them register to vote so their signature counts.