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About the opportunity

  • Anyone eligible to vote can do it
  • Fast, competitive pay
  • Work as an independent contractor and be your own boss
  • Recruit circulators and earn bonuses

Initiative petitions are neither for nor against a proposal, but simply the nomination process to bring about a vote on a potential law. Putting a measure on the ballot can solve a problem directly, if the majority of the people agree with it, or it can bring attention to a problem that gets solved another way.

Your job would be to have passersby sign petitions, and offer those who sign the same job you have as a petition circulator. You will make money for the signatures and bonuses for recruiting more circulators.

Most people don’t vote or are in a hurry, so expect lots of rejection and don’t take it personally. Only if someone votes, supports putting a measure on the ballot and has the time, will they sign. Ask hundreds of people each day, you’ll find dozens to sign; ask thousands of people each week, you’ll find hundreds to sign.